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  1. Did they ever make the last two steins in the (evolution of the Budweiser label ) it only had 4 in the set. I have the first two 1999&2000. I have looked hi &low and  not getting any where
  2. Use your beer glasses strictly for beer – never for soda, milk, iced tea, or other non-beer substances. Beer is an extremely sensitive fluid that reacts poorly with anything else. No matter how well you’ve washed your glasses, there is still a chance that residue will spoil the full flavor of your beer. 
    Do not wash beer glasses with soap or detergent of any kind. Use a solution of baking soda or salt and very hot water; then rinse with clean very hot water. 
    Sponges and dishcloths should be avoided.
  3. The glass:
    Use the specially designed glass, specific to each beer, (see "the right glass") to maximize the experience in terms of taste, aroma and colour. Make sure the glass is clean (see Beer Glass Care) as residue can spoil the flavor of the beer and inhibit head creation.
    Never chill your glassware, and decline if served a frosted glass. Why? As the beer hits the frosted glass condensation will occur and dilute your beer, while at the same time alter the serving temperature.
  4. What is Micro Brew?: Understanding Beer
    By Khieng Chho

    Micro brewed beer is often used to refer to beer that is brewed in the comforts of one's home or in small pubs. The term started in the 70s in the UK to describe single units that make their own beer or traditional cask ale.

    Before, the term micro brew was only used to characterize output volume and brewery size. In the US, it used to refer to breweries that produces less than 15,000 beer barrels in a year.

  5. As Christmas is coming, with the inevitability of a credit card bill, and there are a whole load of things to worry about. Buying Christmas presents, usually an expensive and traumatic period, is followed by the Christmas card list, the decorations, the food, yes, all that food and cooking and normally the last on the list, the Christmas drinks. Christmas drinks are possibly the least thought about but are the subtle catalyst that can turn an ordinary Christmas into a great one. Yes, you can go with all your normal standbys but Christmas is special and so should be your Christmas drinks.
  6. 100 Dollar Beer Coaster Changes the Nature of Drinking
    By Joey Lewitin

    What can your beer coaster do for you? Can it tell when your thirsty? Can it order another drink for you? Well now, maybe it can.

    Andrea Butz at the University of Munich, and Michael Schmitz from Saarland University in Germany have invented a new pressure sensitive beer coaster which can tell how full a glass is. When the container is almost empty, it sends a radio signal to a computer behind the bar alerting the bartender to the situation.

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